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Friday, October 2, 2015

Blog Elevated 2015

In a happy coincidence, I was able to attend Blog Elevated last weekend!  And trust me when I tell you it was amazing!!! The weekend long event was filled with fabulous people, educated presenters, and fantastic sponsors.  I will absolutely make it a priority to attend next year, as it was one of the more educational blogging events I've attended.  So many conferences cater to beginners and ignore those who have the basics down. This conference, however, offered a variety of classes in different focus areas.  I gained valuable information and met so many lovely bloggers with AMAZING blogs! 
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While there are hundreds of fabulous blogs I could highlight, I limited myself to sharing 10 with you! 

10 Must Read Blogs I Discovered at Blog Elevated

I was also able to hang out with friends whose blogs I've read for a good while now because of their wonderful content including Glitz N Gritz, Clumsy Crafter, and Tui Snyder.  I had such an awesome time and learned more than I had dared to hope.  Thanks, Blog Elevated...and kudos on a job well done!

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