Nobody's Cuter than Melanie Shankle

The Christmas Gathering at Grace Point Church, Coppell, TX

Y'all, I am stoked!  My church has a history of doing amazing Christmas gatherings for Jen Hatmaker came last year, for the love!  Well, this year, they have outdone themselves again and booked the amazing Melanie Shankle!

Now if you keep up with this blog, you might already know about my love for Melanie, despite the fact that she's an Aggie.  In fact, I love her because the only thing she "whoops" about more than being an Aggie is loving Jesus--and I can get behind that!

The Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie ShankleI went to college with some of Melanie's people (before she was a big time author and speaker), but my first experience with her was when I happened to pick up The Antelope in the Living Room at my local library.  It was love at first chapter, y'all.  I can't remember a time I laughed harder at the written word.  That particular book is about marriage and it's hilarious because it's so true!  You really should pick up a copy if you haven't read it!

Anyway, Melanie is coming to hang out with me...Ok, not just me, but lots of women...and I want you to be one of them!!  If you are anywhere near the DFW Metroplex on December 10th, you should be there, friends!  You can register HERE.

The Christmas Gathering at Grace Point Church, Coppell, TX

I will absolutely be there!  And if you decide to go, look for my big hair and come say hi! 

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