November is for Picture Book Lovers!

I love November!  I've always loved November because it's my birthday month!  And we always got a week off of school for Thanksgiving.  The weather begins to get a bit more crisp.  And, of course, it's football season.  

I still love ALL of those things.  And I've added to my love of November over the years.  

First of all, it's Picture Book Month!!  The brainchild of Dianne de las Casas, this celebration of picture books is fun to follow all month long.  Discover new books and authors and behind the scenes stories that have led you to some of your favorite tales. You can follow the party at @picturebkmonth , and don't forget to check out the hashtag, #picturebookmonth.

Another fabulous reason to love November is PiBoIdMo, which is Picture Book Idea Month. PiBoIdMo is a group of kidlit writers coming up with ideas, jotting them down, and encouraging one another along the way.  It is fabulous! The amazing Tara Lazar started this and I love her for it.  If you don't know Tara's books, you should. We love The Monstore at our house!  If you are into writing and reading kidlit, check out the hashtag #PiBoIdMo

Fun Books to Read


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