Top 5 toys NOT to purge before Christmas

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We are gearing up for the holidays at our house. With all three of my children celebrating fall birthdays, the toy boxes tend to already be overflowing by the time Christmas rolls around.  We purge every year in preparation, but there are some things that I just refuse to get rid of because they are timeless.  Along with sentimental items that absolutely cannot be parted with, here are five toys we will not purge this Christmas--or next!

5 Toys NOT to purge before Christmas ... or anytime!

Wooden puzzles

Seriously, y' can't find the awesome Playskool puzzles they had when I was a kid.  So thankful I still have mine!  My very favorites were The Rescuers and  Pinocchio.  I'm proud to say I've held onto those through growing up, moving houses, having kids, and moving a few more times. I always wanted more of them for my baby girl, but discovered Playskool no longer made many. Fortunately, I ran across some at Half Price Books several years ago and bought every single one! They last forever, and most of the characters and scenes are timeless.

Lincoln Logs and Legos

One of the best gifts ever, by the way. And they are good for endless hours of entertainment.  It is difficult to destroy these even when the roughest play.  I like that both Lincoln Logs and Legos have plans that you can go by (to teach the importance of reading and following directions), but also allow for free play and imagination.

Tinker Toys

I think Tinker Toys are awesome.  They can turn into anything and are a perfect toy for imagination and creativity.  My little girl's favorite game to play with Tinker Toys was "art gallery"...she made "masterpieces" and then we would walk around and look at them and place bids.  To show they complete flip-side of that, my boys love to make weapons and vehicles out of them.  Creativity is where it's at, y'all.

Barbies & Action Figures

Say what you want about Barbies and women's lib, but this girl loved Barbies. My daughter loved Barbies.  Never once did I think I needed to have a waist as small as Barbie...or boobs as big.   I just saw Barbie as a medium for my imagination.  Barbies, like diamonds, are forever.  While I did occasionally play He-Man with my cousin, action figures weren't really my toy of choice.  But like Barbie, G.I. Joe and He-Man and Luke Skywalker are great tools of imagination.  They are strong and brave and have lots of great qualities that I would love to see in my sons.


Books are my most prized possessions. I have books from when I was small...I also have books from when my mother was small...and my grandmother. Books don't just tell the story within the cover, the notes inside and the bookplates with a signature tell the story of the book's owner--it is a thing of beauty to me.  To know that someone owned and loved that book and that the words within evoked the same emotions generations ago that are in me now is lovely.  Books that speak to your heart shouldn't be gotten rid of--ever!  My book shelf is a treasure trove of  stories, some written by authors, and some not.

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