Book Club Reading - Big Little Lies

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A friend invited me to her book club not long ago...we met last week and it was such a fun time!  We read Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I read her book, The Husband's Secret, a while back and enjoyed it so much that I've blogged about it several times.  The author has a knack for twisting the plot and complicating the characters in such a way that nothing is expected!  It was a fun read and a fun night and I can wait to do it again!  

Big Little Lies is the perfect choice for Book Club!  #novel #bookclub #fiction #mustread

Big Little Lies is a perfect choice for book club!  Big personalities and interesting relationships abound in this tale of accidental death at the school fundraiser night.  The little lies that we tell others-and ourselves-are sometimes the deadliest...

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