My Bookish Valentines : 10 Kidlit Creators I Love

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Bookish Valentines - 10 #kidlit creators whose art you'll fall for!

I have crushes on authors of kid lit.  I would try to pretend I'm embarrassed, but if you are here reading a kid lit blog, chances are you might have a hidden crush of your own... Most bookish girls have crushes on literary characters.  (I guess I'm exceptionally bookish, because my list also includes authors and illustrators.) Oh, and agents and editors, beware--I have a soft spot for a few of you as well.

Now if you are a book nerd worth your salt, you know that our crushes start with words--looks certainly don't hurt--but my heart is most easily stolen with words.  I should mention I'm a happily married woman.  My husband is fabulous.  He does not write and/or illustrate books...or even have a weird addiction to books--but opposites attract, right?!  

Long romantic walks through the bookstore

And just to clarify, this is all in good fun.  My intention is not to objectify anyone whatsoever, but to call attention to these fabulous creative minds who truly make the world fall in love with them through their art. So with no further fanfare, I give you my "crush" list.

Mac Barnett

Try to act shocked.  No, really.  Open your mouth.  Gasp. Maybe take a selfie.  Ok, fine, I guess it's no secret that Mac Barnett is a fave. He's super talented and witty and let's admit it, that's uber hot.

Dan Santat 

Love him.  Funny & has fabulous Instagram feed. Oh, and he loves his wife--loving your person makes you very attractive.

Roald Dahl

A man who can create a book nerd protagonist so amazing that the whole world falls in love with her (...and turns it into a movie...and a musical...) is my kind of man.  Creative genius whose Valentine box would be cooler than mine every single time--even without the help of Pinterest.

Oliver Jeffers

Oh, Oliver!  His art is awe inspiring and wonderful and I love to read about and watch this man do his thing.  He makes me want to be a better woman--or at least a more artsy one.

Jon Klassen

Forget chocolates, this man has a Caldecott!  Now if that doesn't make your bookish heart pound a bit harder, then you, my friend, are not a true bibliophile.

Tim Federle

This man is a triple threat, y'all!  He writes, he sings, and he dances.  So if your dream is to get caught up in a musical based on a children's book, he's probably the crush for you.

Duncan Tonatiuh

This amazing man has both talent and a passion for telling stories that need to be told.

Chris Barton

Crazy talented and a devoted family man.  (Don't be mad, Jennifer, I kinda have a crush on you too! And if I make a bookish BFF wishlist, you will totally be on it!)

Jack Kent

My very first bookish boyfriend.  Mr. Kent caused me to fall in love with books.  I was lovesick and I never quite recovered.  

So many authors and illustrators to fall in love with...and more emerging every day!  So who's your crush?!

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