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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

#1 Book to Read Before the Standardized Test

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Every state has a dreaded standardized test.  As my daughter prepped for her big test, I discovered The Big Test.  It is so cute--and it is refreshing that it doesn't focus on being overly prepared, but on relaxing and showing what you know.

#1 Book to Read before the Standarized Test #mustread #picturebook

The Big Test by Julie Danneberg - perfect picture book to read before the standardized testThe Big Test 
By Julie Danneberg
Illustrated by Judy Love
published by Charlesbridge

The Blurb

Mrs. Hartwell is preparing her classroom for the big test.  As the kids learn about bubbling in answers and sitting still, they learn that the most important test taking skill is learning to relax!

My Two Cents

The story is cute, the illustrations are fun, and the moral of the story is priceless!