Last in a Long Line of Rebels

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Last in a Long Line of Rebels -a southern middle grade novel by Lisa Lewis Tyre #kidlit #middlegrade #mustread Last in a Long Line of Rebels
by Lisa Lewis Tyre
published by Nancy Paulsen Books/Penguin Group

The Blurb

When twelve year old Lou finds out that her house is scheduled to be condemned, she is determined to save it.  Along the way, she discovers some interesting characters in her family tree and in the town's history. The more she discovers, the more she realizes that some things never change.  

My Two Cents

This book captures the south beautifully.  It is a place filled with both beauty and peculiarities...a place with a history and a story to tell.  Tyre somehow shows the reader a picture that doesn't just isolate one of those, but takes into account all of those themes.

The characters are well developed and relatable to Southerners and Yankees alike...Lou and her best friend Benzer have a realistic relationship and the junkyard in the middle of Zollicoffer makes for  a perfect setting for adventure.  A crisis and a mystery that has stumped even the most astute historians make their summer an unforgettable one.  Oh, and I absolutely ADORE Lou's grandmother, Bertie! I have known many a "Bertie" in my lifetime and her whole character just tickled me throughout.

If you are looking for a read with adventure, mystery, and heart, pick up Last in a Long Line of Rebels --I truly loved it!  I'm looking forward to seeing more from Tyre.

Rebel for the right reasons !  Loved this quote from Lisa Lewis Tyre's Last in a Long Line of Rebels #mustread

The Author

Lisa Lewis Tyre is a Southerner who had a colorful childhood--how could she not write?!  She currently lives in Atlanta (where I'm hoping she is writing her next book!)
You can find out more about Lisa on her website.  She has some cool stuff for kids like this family tree post to learn more about your family's history!