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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Seventh Grade Life in Tights Review & Giveaway

This post contains affiliate links.My Seventh Grade Life in Tights - a middle grade novel by Brooks Benjamin #middlegrade #kidlit #dance

The Blurb

Dillon's life is getting a little crazy.  He's still playing football--even though he mostly sits the bench. His real passion is dance, though. When a video audition goes awry, his desire to pursue a dance scholarship is made known to his dance team and his crush.  

My Seventh Grade Life in Tights - a middle grade novel by Brooks Benjamin #middlegrade #kidlit #dance

My Two Cents

Brooks Benjamin's debut definitely captures the middle school boy voice.  I read a ton of kid lit and seldom do I see that voice done really well. I loved the character development of Dillon specifically.

Benjamin addresses many coming of age questions in this book--I wouldn't suggest it for younger readers regardless of their reading ability. It is the perfect level for middle school readers, however. He broaches a few scary subjects that will elicit conversation with your kids.  If you aren't afraid to chat with your kids about relationships, loyalty, and sexuality, My Seventh Grade Life in Tights is a good book to read together!

The Author

My Seventh Grade Life in Tights - a middle grade novel by Brooks Benjamin #middlegrade #kidlit #dance
Grown up Brooks writes and lives in Tennessee...Sixth grade Brooks had a New Kids on the Block tribute dance crew.  To decide for yourself if he has "The Right Stuff," check out his website or follow him on Twitter! 

The Giveaway

Want to win a copy of this book?!  CLICK HERE!

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