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So my book club is reading Me Before You this go around. I really thought I was the last person on the planet that hadn't read it, but I was mistaken.  And just to be honest, I started it ages ago but just couldn't get into it.  And now there's a movie and everyone is talking about it again and it is the book club choice.  Sigh.

So...I have a few days until book club, but I still haven't read it.  I haven't even gotten the book yet. Oops. There are 11 holds for it at the library (on all 40,450,934,850,938 copies of the book.)

I'm clearly blogging about this for a little accountability, y'all.  I need it.  I have so many items on my to do list and I have Spring Fever in the worst way.

Please tell me you loved this book and that I will fly right through it and be so ridiculously happy that I read it...