Dragons Are Real

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Dragons Are Real by Valerie Budayr #picturebookDragons Are Real
by Valerie Budayr
illustrated by Michael Welply
published by Audrey Press

The Blurb

Some people don't think dragons are real--but they are!  And some people think they know all about dragons--but they don't!  Dragons are real and they aren't what you think!!!

My Two Cents

This picture book is adorable.  It is a fun little tale about dragons at face value--and also an excellent conversation starter about judging a book by its cover.  Apparently dragons love to read and are quite the book hoarders...um, am I a dragon?!  I could write about my identity crisis, but instead I'll just recommend that you read this little lovely yourself!  The illustrations are fantastic and the story is entertaining.  Definitely a fun read aloud! 

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