Esther the Belle of Patience

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The Adventures of Rooney Cruz
Esther the Belle of Patience
by Erin Weidemann
illustrated by Rob Corley and Chuck Vollmer
published by Bible Belles

The Blurb

Rooney learns to be patient by watching a biblical heroine...Esther!

My Two Cents

This story on Rooney dealing with her emotions and her hyper-competitive teammate is one that kids today will be able to relate to.  I love that the Bible story of Esther is the story within this story because it is such a lovely picture of patience and speaking up when you should--even if you're scared!  If you are a homeschooling parent focusing on biblical virtues, a Sunday School teacher talking about Esther, or just a parent driving home the Jesus' teaching in every day life, this is a perfect book to enjoy with the young people in your life!

Thanks to FlyBy Promotions and Bible Belles for providing my lovely review copy!  I can't wait to share it with my kids! 

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