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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Book Haul

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My kindle is filling up again!  And I am so excited about these new picture books!

I Will Always Be Happy to See You by Ellen DeLangeI Will Always Be Happy to See You
by Ellen DeLange
illustrated by Jenny Meilihove
published by Clave

I will always be happy to see this adorable book cover...can't wait to read it and see if the inside makes me feel the same way!  

The Liszts - a picture book by Kyo MaclearThe Liszts
by Kyo Maclear
illustrated by Julia Sarda
published by Tundra Books

This book is about a family that makes a lot of lists...but sometimes things happen that aren't on their lists. I'm not naming names, but I know some folks like this and this book sounds so funny.  I'll let you know if I love it as much as I'm anticipating!