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Big Hair and Books Book Haul #bookhaul

Y'all.  I got so many new books this week that I can't even include them all in this post because that many awesome titles would kill you dead. No, really.  Here are a few that I seriously was elated to receive.

Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson #mustread Chase the Lion
by Mark Batterson
published by Multnomah

I was on the launch team for Mark's last book, If:  Trading Your If Only Regrets for What If Possibilities.  I loved it and was thrilled to be chosen again for Chase the Lion.  I've just barely started reading this one, but I am crazy about it so far!

Lucy and Linh by Alice Pung

Lucy & Linh
by Alice Pung
published by Knopf Books for Young Readers

A coming of age novel about two friends learning to navigate friendship and connection when one is accepted into an elite private school.  Looks promising!

The Bear Who Couldn't Sleep #picturebookThe Bear Who Couldn't Sleep
by Caroline Nastro
published by NorthSouth Books

I wanted this book the first time I saw the cover!! Poor Bear can't sleep, but what better place to have insomnia than the city that never sleeps?! I can't wait to read about his adventures in NYC!

Made Well by Jenny Simmons #madewellbook

Made Well
by Jenny Simmons
published by Baker Books

So remember when I was on Jenny's launch team for The Road to Becoming...and then I fell in love with it...and her...and then she came and performed in my living room?! So now she's written a new book and I'm fangirling out of control over here.  Can't wait to launch this little pretty into the world!

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