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Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu #middlegrade #mustreadBreadcrumbs
by Anne Ursu
published by Walden Pond Press

The Blurb

Hazel and Jack are the best of friends.  And then one day, Jack stops talking to Hazel.  Hazel knows something isn't right.  Jack has been taken by the Ice Queen, and it's up to Hazel to save him. 

Quote from Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu #middlegrade #mustread

My Two Cents

I don't know how this book had escaped my grasp until recently, but I'm so glad to have read it!  Anne Ursu will suck you in from the first page of this book based on Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen. 
It combines two of my favorite things:  a lovely coming of age story and magical realism.  Hazel character was simply fantastic.  She is devoted Jack in a way we can all relate to--he is her person and she is willing to go down for him.  Their relationship is written in a way that just stole my heart.  Both are flawed, but they accept one another wholeheartedly.  It is just lovely.

The other thing that will make me recommend Breadcrumbs for years to come is that Hazel is strong and capable and epitomizes "girl power."  She is awkward and a bit socially inept, and those contribute to her whole story as an unlikely heroine.  She isn't waiting on someone to save her, she is the one who goes and does the saving.  She is strong and filled with love and determination. Not many of us can claim a friend like Hazel, but those of us that can are a lucky few, indeed.

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