Book Review: The Friends We Keep

The Friends We Keep by Jane Green - book review from Big Hair and Books The Friends We Keep
by Jane Green

The Friends We Keep is the tale of three friends from college:  Evvie, Maggie, and Topher.  The characters are lovely, fully-developed, and with enough issues to make them seem real.  My favorite character, by far, is Ben, however.  He was fascinating to me and I would have loved more of his story from his point of view.  For all of you aspiring writers out there, this is a good text to study for dialogue and voice.  

I enjoyed this book right down to the last few chapters when I felt as though I could guess the outcome of all the loose ends.  It wasn't the light-hearted read I thought it would be and it wasn't the best book ever, but it was good and had many enjoyable parts.  Try it out and prove me wrong!

On another note, I listened to the audio version of the book and I loved the narrator's voice...

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