5 Tips for Aspiring Writers

I recently spoke to a friend who wanted to know the ins and outs of the publishing world.  She has been writing, but is just now entering that phase in which she needs to know more!

For me, that was a very frustrating time.  My sweet husband was working out of town during the week and only home on weekends--which meant I was home and responsible for every need of my 3 small children.  Sigh. We were in a new town.  Living in a small rent house.  No friends.  Blech. But let me tell you, I think God used that time in my life to ignite my passion for writing again.  And after I put my kids to bed at 8, I had several hours to work on writing every night.  It was not a great time in my life, but such a productive one!

So, back on point!  You're an aspiring writer.  What now?!

5 Tips for Aspiring Writers

1.  Start right now.  Exactly where you are.  Conditions will never be perfect!

2015 Writer's Market from Writer's Digest2.  Write all those ideas down that have been swimming in your head for ages. Some will suck.  Some will suck even worse.  You just need one fabulous idea!

3.  Research!  I recommend  Writer's Marketplace from Writer's Digest.  I like the format and the loads of information. It is a great starting point.  All kinds of writing and submitting tips and a huge and comprehensive list of agents and publishers that includes what they are looking for in books they rep.  Good stuff.  

4.  Continue your research on social media!  After you find some interesting publishing houses, agents, editors, writers, and book bloggers, start following them on Twitter!  It is where the book world is hanging out.  You are sure to hear of pitch contests, book releases, agents' wish lists, and new agents in your genre.  Not only will you learn a TON, you will most likely make a few new friends!

5.  Speaking of new friends, get out there and make some!  I encourage you to find a writer's group, go to a conference, and get online and find some critique partners!  It takes a village to get a book all the way to the publishing phase!

Stop reading blogs about writing, and go get to work!!

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