Diversity in KidLit: 7 must reads

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I keep seeing articles on diversity in children's books. I like diversity. I like learning about people who are different than me. (It's one of the many reasons religion was my minor in college) With that being said, here are a few of the books I have picked up in the past few weeks that introduce characters who are different from me--a shiny, white Christian from the South--but who aren't really all that different from me at all...

I think that is the beautiful thing about literature, you can find the uniqueness of each character while relating in unexpected ways. 

diversity in kid-lit :  7 must reads

For the younger crowd: 

Ten, Nine, Eight
written by Molly Bang
published by Greenwillow Books

This is an adorable counting book in which a father is tucking his little girl in.

For those who love picture books: 

Too Many Tamales
written by Gary Soto
illustrated by Ed Martinez
published by G.P. Putnam's Sons

This book is so deliciously fun! It depicts a Hispanic family preparing for their Christmas meal. 

No More, Por Favor
written by Susan Middleton Elya
illustrated by David Walker
published by G.P. Putnam's Sons

I love that this book is about the lack of diversity and shows how monotony makes everyone grumpy! It is much more fun to experience new tastes and smells and textures! Plus, this cute book includes some fun Spanish words to learn. 

For those who embrace being "different": 

Chamelia written by Ethan Long published by Little, Brown and Company Adorable! I would have read it based on the illustrations alone, which are seriously cute.

Oddrey written by Dave Whamond published by OwlKids Books This precious little book is about embracing who you are and using it for good. Everyone should read it! 

For the middle grade reader: 

The Lions of Little Rock
by Kristin Levine
published by Puffin Books

Amazing. Read my review here.

For the YA reader: 

Eleanor & Park
by Rainbow Rowell
published by

Fabulous. I couldn't put this book down! Read my review here.

This is just a brief list of those books I've read recently that had that little something special...they stood out. I am amazed at how many truly excellent books are out there now that give you the world through another's eyes.  We are all so different, and also so much the same.  It is beautiful.

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