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Friday, April 11, 2014

Kid playing ball? Read this first!

Baseball season is in full swing!  At our library last week, there was an amazing baseball display.  My boys flocked to it, of course!  We read several of the books on display, but this one was just perfect for a 3-5 year old who is about to play tee ball for the first time!

Tee Ball
by Wil Mara
published by Scholastic

As part of Scholastic's Rookie Read About Sports books, it gives the basics of the game.  It has photos of real kids, boys and girls, which my boys loved and really studied.

Mara describes how to play the game, and gets major brownie points for the sportsmanship section near the end!

I also can't pass up this opportunity to remind you of one of my fave baseball books ever, Players In Pigtails!