I Will Fight Monsters for You

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I Will Fight Monsters for You by Santi BalmesI Will Fight Monsters for You
by Santi Balmes
illustrated by Lyona
published by Albert Whitman & Company

The Blurb

Martina is a bit afraid...she thinks there are monsters living under her bed.  The thing is, THERE ARE!!  There is a whole monster world, including a little monster named Anitram who is convinced there is a human on the other side of things...

My Two Cents

I was thrilled to win this book in a giveaway on Albert Whitman & Company's Facebook page!  I was delighted to read it with my two youngest and they absolutely adored it!

The size of the monsters depends on how scared you are - quote from I Will Fight Monsters for You by Santi Balmes
The story is lovely.  Conquering fears is such a huge theme in children's literature, and this book has some wonderful commentary on fear that kids and adults alike should enjoy.  The text itself is great, but the layout is fantastic--you have to turn the book different directions to read about the different worlds!  And I love that Anitram is Martina backwards--though I must confess I didn't catch it in my first reading!  The illustrations are just beautiful.  Lyona has managed to make adorable monsters--who could possibly be afraid!?

I think you'll love this one...

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