Find the Good

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Find the Good by Heather Lende --a definite #mustread !  I loved this book! Find the Good
by Heather Lende
published by Algonquin Books

I was roaming the library a few days ago...and in a rare twist of fate I was alone!  

I walked the aisles, admired the displays, and picked up some long awaited treasures.  The snazzy display of new books caught my eye and in a fortunate turn of events, I picked up Find the Good. 

It isn't the sort of thing I normally read.  But the bright cover with the lemon caught my eye...and then I read that it was written by "a small-town obituary writer" and I knew I should probably read this little beauty!  I am a small town gal myself and I, too, enjoy finding the bright, shiny spots in situations...

I checked it out.

The first page made me laugh out loud...and by the fifth page, I was crying.  In the words of my beloved Jen Hatmaker, I had all the feels.  Lende recounts stories of the people in her hometown...none of them are perfect...but all of them have some redeeming qualities that are just beautiful.  She reminds the reader that "we are all writing our own obituaries."  And it's true, isn't it? No one wants to think about death, but it is inevitable.

I had not heard of Lende before, but I can assure you, I will be reading her other titles as well.  She writes with wisdom and humor--a combination I admire greatly!  And she is quirky enough that I might even call her a friend if we were ever to meet.  I highly recommend this little book. It will brighten your day!

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