Rosario's Fig Tree

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Rosario's Fig Tree by Charis WahlRosario's Fig Tree
by Charis Wahl
illustrated by Luc Melanson
published by Groundwood Books

The Blurb

Every year, the little girl next door helps Rosario plant his garden.  But when Rosario digs up a dead tree and plants it, the little girl is taken aback. What kind of garden magic was he up to?

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My Two Cents

I absentmindedly grabbed this book from the library display.  I wasn't expecting to cry reading it!!  I don't know what particular line or illustration in this book touched me, but I absolutely loved this tale of Rosario, the "garden magician."  And I love that Rosario doesn't speak much and is both simple and wise.  Told from the point of view of his young neighbor, we see Rosario working his garden and teaching life lessons to the next generation.

The elements of life and death, warmth and cold were on point.  And Rosario's longing for home is heartbreaking.  There are so many questions that young readers could ask from this many segues into important conversations that need to be had.

The Trailer

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