The Thickety: The Whispering Trees

The Thickety:  The Whispering Trees
by J.A. White
published by Kathering Tegen Books

I am still reeling from the end of the first book in this series!  I absolutely loved it!
Who you were is not who you are.  from J.A. White's The Thickety
This second book jumps right back into the action! We see brave and courageous Kara enter the Thickety with a trail blazing! And once she's there, she puts all that knowledge she learned from her mother...and her experiences in the first her in her attempts to overcome Sordyr.

Kara also meets the infamous Mary Kettle and must decide whether to join forces with her against Sordyr.  Taff is along for this wild ride and his small bits of wisdom intertwined with this wild adventure are on point.  
Eating emotions ...quote from the Thickety

I wasn't crazy about the ending of the book, but that could just be that the first book in the series set such high expectations! I am absolutely looking forward to Book 3 in 2016!  

The Book Trailer

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