The Road to Becoming

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The Road to Becoming by Jenny SimmonsThe Road to Becoming
by Jenny Simmons
published by Baker Books

The Blurb

Jenny Simmons shares the painful final days as lead singer for Addison Road in this vulnerable and funny account of her hard season.  Her search and questions for next steps in life are universal.
...I could often turn on the radio and hear an Addison Road song--my own voice playing over syndicated airwaves for a million people--and I was considering applying to work at Starbucks.

My Two Cents

I heard about Jenny's new book a while back...and I kept hearing tidbits. But I was so busy...I had For the Love to promote...and then Max Lucado's newest book...and, of course, my kids were home all summer!!  Then one of my fave ladies and fellow member of #the4500 raved about Jenny Simmons and I gave in, y'all.  I got that book and to say I binge read it doesn't quite cover the insatiability of my soul when I inhaled those pages.  I immediately felt drawn to this woman writing these words. She's about my age, we both went to Baylor, we both love Jesus, we both have idealistic tendencies...I read and laughed and cried and related. More than I wanted to, maybe!  

This is a book to "rediscover your life in the not-how-I-planned-it moments."  Um, is anything ever how I planned it?!  No.  So I get it--and I'll venture to say that most people will.  She writes with such real vulnerability and emotion.  Authenticity just flows in the language.  

I want to find God and hear His voice.  The voice that says it's going to be okay and miracles will happen and all things will be restored exactly how I imagine they should be.  Jesus on a bullhorn with a detailed agenda.  Is that too much to ask?  I am listening, but the only thing I hear is the pounding of my own heart.  The breath flowing in and out of my lungs.  And I wonder where God is.  Why is the Great Comforter hiding from me?  Why has He left me alone here in my lostness and hopped a jet to Fiji?

DISCLAIMER:  You will love this.  You will want multiple copies to gift to your favorite people. You will google Jenny.  You will watch old Addison Road videos on YouTube.  You will download her music and you will read her words and you will fall in love with Jenny Simmons.  

Going through hell ... love this quote from Jenny Simmons' new book, The Road to Becoming #mustread #Christian #heaven #hell #BaylorProud

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About the Author

Jenny Simmons is a performer, a Baylor grad, a blogger, an author, a wife, a mama, a traveler, and a bird watcher in Nashville, Tennessee.  She's the kinda gal you want to be friends with:

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You can also follow her on Facebook and on Twitter...and you should.

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