What I Learned in November

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What I Learned this month from Big Hair and Books #FBH2O
Each month as I recall what I have learned, I find myself surprised at how quickly the month has gone by...like it is some big surprise...every month!  This month, particularly, I am in shock. The month has flown by, but with my boys' turning 5, I was forced to realize just how fast the past five years have flown by.  Seriously feeling old here, people.

Another thing I thought about this month was the weather and healthy eating. All summer, I'm a dainty gazelle, nibbling on fruit and salads.  When winter hits, it is like my body decides to prep for hibernation!  Potatoes, pasta, and all things carbs rule!  All that healthy eating of summer goes down the tubes, my garden dies from lack of attention, and my woolen cheerleading socks (circa 1996) come out of the drawer...it's become a tradition. 

Sometimes you just have to bust out your cheerleading socks from 1996. #ikeepeverything #coldfeet
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Farmers Branch Aquatic Center #DFW #party #FBH2OI also just learned about the new aquatic center in Farmers Branch, just a hop, skip, and a jump down the road from me. Because of the earlier mentioned carbs, I was not super thrilled to throw on my swimsuit, but this isn't just any pool:  it caters to both old and young, the diligent and the playful, the fit and the, ahem, not so fit! 

Their facility is amazing! They have a lap pool, therapy pool, party rooms, and a cool outdoor water park.  Some of their classes do have small additional fees--I included the info sheet below in case you want to check them out.  

Classes, Hours, and Fees at the Farmers Branch Aquatic Center #DFW #party #FBH2O

We took the kids and they thought it was such a novelty to splash and swim despite the cold weather. We had such a great time testing out the indoor facilities, and I don't just mean the pools! Look at this water extractor in the bathroom for wet swimsuits: 

Water Extractor video at the Farmers Branch aquatic center #FBH2O

Have y'all ever seen one of these?!  I was so impressed! They also have the cleanest locker rooms I've ever seen...complete with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash dispensers.  There are hairdryers and over-sized mirrors for getting ready after your workout (so basically you have no excuse not to burn some calories!)

We will definitely go back to try out their awesome outdoor waterpark when things heat back up.  If you live in the area, check out their facilities and party plans at FBH2O.com 

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