Nor Forsake

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Nor Forsake by Julie Presley #ChristianFiction #mustreadNor Forsake
by Julie Presley
published by Presley Publishing

In full disclosure, Julie Presley is a friend of mine.  We met as members of #the4500 and just hit it off right away.  She is lovely.  I also edited this book for her. Because she is my friend and because I had a little something to do with the book's production, I have a great desire for it to be a success.  That said, I never post something in a review that is false. If I say I love a book, I truly loved it.  I just thought it only fair to let y'all know!

The Blurb

Amidst the drama of a cheating husband and struggling faith in both God and humanity, Libby is approached by a literary agent about her writing.  As one part of her life is coming to a close, a whole new chapter is beginning...if she'll let it.

My Two Cents

Most editors won't tell you, but it is far easier to edit a book that you don't like.  When I love a book, I get caught up in it. I look up and I'm a hundred pages in before I realize it...and that's why I have read this book eleven-billionty times.  I was marking things up and then the next thing you know I was flipping pages to see what happened next.  

The progression of emotion through divorce in this book is brutal. The dance that is the back and forth of attraction is perfect and kept me on my toes.  If you are into Christian contemporary fiction, you will enjoy this book.  It is a quick read with lots of feels.  Why not load it up on your Kindle and take it with you on vacay?!

About the Author

Julie Presley is a wife to one, mom to two, and loves Jesus.  Nor Forsake is her second book.  Her first book, Stones of Remembrance, released in 2012. 

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