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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Book Haul

Can I just tell you guys that I'm the luckiest gal EVER?!! My lovely and talented pal, Molly Idle, sent me Sea Rex this week and I am IN LOVE!  You will absolutely want to pre-order this!!  It is adorable!

I have loved Molly's other titles, including Tea Rex, Camp Rex, Flora and the Flamingo, Flora and the Penguin, and most recently, Rodeo Red.  If you don't know her work, check it out!  And brace yourself--you're gonna fall in love!

And if you are looking for gifts for your fave little people, all of the above titles have proven to be excellent gifts!

This is obviously my favorite snag of the week, but I don't want to forget these lovely titles that I welcomed home this week:


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