Big List of Books for Tween Girls

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My firstborn is eleven years old today.  She is almost as tall as me (which isn't saying much!) and we can now share shoes!  She started out so small, but has grown into a beautiful young lady.  I am so proud to be her mama.  

She's an easy kid, but the very nature of parenting a tween is difficult.  They are hard to shop for and hard to please because they are in a constant state of limbo between kid and teenager...and the hormones don't help!

Books I want my Kid to Read #appropriate #interesting #books #middlegrade #kidlit

We find that is especially hard to find books that are challenging enough to be interesting to her and still be appropriate for an eleven year I made a little book list...because it's my love language.

Books for Tweens #middlegrade #tweens #kidlit

Rump by Liesl Shurtliff - awesome middle grade read #tweenRump
by Liesl Shurtliff
published by

This is the true story of Rumplestiltskin--from his point of view.  My book club loved this one.  Read the full review here.

Serafina and the Black Cloak - awesome middle grade book #tween

Serafina and the Black Cloak
by Robert Beatty
published by Disney Hyperion
The Thickety - middle grade adventure book #tween
Serafina lives at the enormous Biltmore the basement.  When children start disappearing, she emerges from the basement to face her fears and her mysterious past.

The Thickety
by J.A. White
published by Katherine Tegen Books

No one goes into the Thickety, the haunted woods outside of the village.  An unusual bird takes Kara there and she finds an unusual book that may have belonged to her mother.  Read the full review here.
Goodbye Stranger - awesome middle grade book #tween

Goodbye Stranger
by Rebecca Stead
published by Wendy Lamb Books

Each voice struggles with change and relationships as this group navigates middle school.  One of my favorite reads of 2015.  Read the full review here.

Fuzzy Mud
by Louis Sachar
published by Delacorte Books for Young Readers

Tamaya and Marshall take a different route home and change the future of their little town. Read the full review here.

The Way to Stay in Destiny #middlegrade #tween

The Way to Stay in Destiny
by Augusta Scattergood
published by Scholastic

Theo gets off the bus and leaves everything he's ever known behind him.  But a mystery and an adventure await him.

Saving Crazy #middlegrade #tween

Saving Crazy
by Karen Hood-Caddy
published by Dundurn

How do you know what you really feel when your heart is being pulled in so many different directions?  Best friends, boys, and animals she loves cause Robin to evaluate what she really values.
Fish in a Tree #middlegrade #tween 

Fish in a Tree
by Lynda Mullaly Hunt
published by Nancy Paulsen Books

Everyone is gifted in their own way.  This is a good one for discussing not fitting in.

The Disappearance of Emily H. #middlegrade #mystery #tween

The Disappearance of Emily H.
by Barrie Summy
published by Delacorte Books for Young Readers

Emily Huvar is missing.  And everyone seems to be lying about what actually happened the night she disappeared. Read the full review here.

Bigger than a Bread Box #middlegrade #tween #divorce

Bigger Than A Bread Box
by Laurel Snyder
published by 

Rebecca is struggling with her parents' separation, moving in with her grandmother, and being twelve...and then she finds a magical bread box that grants her every long as it fits in the box! Read the full review here.

Because of Mr. Terupt #middlegrade #middleschool #tween

Because of Mr. Terupt
by Rob Buyea
published by Yearling

Seven unique 5th grade voices...and only Mr. Terupt seems to know how to deal with each of them!

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