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Friday, January 8, 2016

10 Favorite Kid Books from 2015

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I had the best holiday break.  I didn't do any blogging at all, I read very little (boo!), but I had load of special time with my kids--which is really fabulous!  I didn't plan on doing a wrap-up of 2015, but I just keep thinking about some of my favorite books, and I just can't help myself.  So here it is, people, a list of my favorite reads from 2015...keep in mind that doesn't necessarily mean they were published in 2015!

Favorite Kid Books from last year from Big Hair and Books #picturebooks #middlegrade #YA #kidlit

It Will Be Okay

This book was so sweet.  Fear can be overwhelming, especially for a kiddo.  Read it if you haven't already!  My full review can be found HERE.

The Thickety

Good, classic adventure in this tale of brave siblings.  A little bit dark, a whole lot fabulous. Read my full review HERE.

Rosario's Fig Tree

My Tearjerker Picture Book post should be updated to include this one.  I cried.  This book is just lovely.  My review can be found HERE.

Wolfie the Bunny

*CAUTION! Ame Dyckman fan girl gushing ahead!*
Ame is so talented and so kind, y'all.  This book is just an extension of who she is.  I absolutely loved it, but then that's really no surprise.  Read all my thoughts on it HERE.

I Will Fight Monsters for You

This book caught me by surprise.  I really enjoyed how clever it is and I think you will too.  Read about it HERE.

  Two Speckled Eggs

Adored this book.  Sometimes we find unlikely friends in life.  I will be gifting this one all over the place, I'm sure. Read my review HERE.

The Disappearance of Emily H.

This book was suspenseful and still kid appropriate. A really fun the full review HERE.

Rodeo Red

Molly Idle is ridiculously talented and she spotlights that fact, once again, in Rodeo Red.  I can't imagine being that artistic... Read my full review (and see a few of Molly's amazing illustrations) HERE.

Goodbye, Stranger

I think this was my favorite middle grade novel of the year, hands down.  Read all about it HERE.

The Mermaid's Sister

This was a random read and I ended up loving it!  Magical Realism just has a special place in my heart. Read my full review HERE.

Titles for Grown ups that I LOVED in 2015

Find the Good

This is one of those random grabs at the library and I ended up loving it!  Such a feel-good book! Read my review HERE.

The Road to Becoming

This one was awesome. As Jenny's story unfolds, your heart breaks and you have to really take a look at your own life.  Loved it.  Read my review HERE.

For the Love

Wow.  This book, y'all.  It was amazing, but more than that, it connected me to a whole slew of fabulous women.  This book will forever have a special place in my heart. Read my review HERE.